Department of Transportation

Fixed Guideway, State Safety Oversight Agency (SSOA)


The New Jersey Department of Transportation’s Office of Fixed Guideway is designated as the State Safety Oversight Agency (SSOA) for New Jersey and is responsible for overseeing and regulating rail transit agencies within the state not overseen by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). As the SSOA, NJDOT is responsible for reviewing, approving, and enforcing rail agencies’ safety and security plans. NJDOT establishes minimum standards that are consistent with the National Public Transportation Safety Plan, the Public Transportation Safety Certification Training Program, the rules for Public Transportation Agency Safety Plans, and all applicable Federal and State law. This includes rail fixed guideway public transportation system audits; safety certification of new or modified systems and infrastructure; performance of station inspections; observation of track, signal, vehicle and other system construction and maintenance activities; tracking all incidents, accidents and hazards and ensuring timely development and implementation of corrective actions as needed.

Last updated date: August 7, 2019 10:00 AM