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Access Design is an important design component in all State Capital Improvement projects. The Initiation, Execution and Closing of all access alterations are always on a critical path for almost every project and are key elements to the timely completion of the design phase of a project.

The information presented in this document shall serve as a Guide and shall be used as a reference by all designers (In-house and consultants), Project Managers, Office of Access Design (OAD) staff and other Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Section Index
  • Section 1 - Introduction
  • Section 2 - Access Impact Summary (AIS) Requirements
  • Section 3 - Overall Project Access Plan (PAP) Requirements
  • Section 4 - Individual Access Cut-Outs (ACO) Requirements
  • Section 5 - General Guidelines for Designer on Access Design
  • Section 6 - General Guidelines for Access Impact Assistance (AIA) report
  • Section 7 - Format of Access Impact Assistance (AIA) report
  • Section 8 - Adminster Access Process
  • Attachments

BDC announcement BDC012T-01 (March 6, 2012) and BDC14T-03 (May 22, 2014)

Access Design Guidelines (pdf 965k)

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