Department of Transportation

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this work necessary?
The goal of this NJDOT project is to update road signs to reflect the new road designations occurring as a result of  the Pennsylvania Turnpike I-95 interchange project. This interchange will allow for I-95 to run continuously throughout the mid-Atlantic region, as there is currently a gap; however, to accomplish this, the portion of I-95 in New Jersey between the Route 1 Interchange and the Delaware River will need to be redesignated as I-295.
What is the status of the project?
The sign replacement will start in January 2018 and is expected to be complete in March 2018.
What type of improvements are planned for the signing redesignation effort?
Roadway signs and milepost markers will be replaced to reflect the new roadway designations.
Are there going to be any traffic detours?
The sign replacements will not require detours.
 How will the public be informed of delays and closures?
Public outreach is on-going and NJDOT will notify the public with press releases before any closures. In addition the Department will deploy Portable Variable Message Signs(VMS) during sign installation to inform motorists of the redesignation and exit renumbering process. These signs will also display information about upcoming lane closures and potential delays. Lane closures will occur during off-peak and nighttime hours to minimize impacts.
How can I avoid delays due to the lane closures?
While lane closures will occur during off-peak and nighttime hours to minimize impacts and delays, the best way to avoid delays is to know your route and plan ahead. You can view live traffic updates and sign up for personalized traffic alerts at Sign up for personalized alerts here:

Last updated date: October 19, 2020 11:26 AM