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Safe Streets to Transit

I would like to thank all the mayors, clerks, municipal and consultant engineers, administrators, and others who have worked with us to submit your Resolutions of Support for your Municipal Aid, Bikeways, Safe Streets to Transit and/or Transit Village applications into our new PMRS.  As this is a new system, we recognize that some people have still not gotten the message although we had multiple training sessions and have been publicizing this for quite some time.  Our staff has been working overtime to assist in any way possible.  At this time, we want to assist your municipality, or county so that your applications are still viable.  We will extend the deadline for two weeks so that everyone can get their electronic Resolution submitted. Get started immediately by:
  1. contacting the Resource Center at 609-649-9395 or emailing
  2. contacting your Local Aid District Office; Or
  3. go to the Resource Center Website for a how to video:
Please reach out immediately. The deadline is August 18th.
In 2006, the State of New Jersey announced a comprehensive Pedestrian Safety Initiative. One element of that initiative administered by the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) is the Safe Streets to Transit (SSTT) program. This program provides funding to counties and municipalities in improving access to transit facilities and all nodes of public transportation. The objectives of the SSTT program are:
  • To improve the overall safety and accessibility for mass transit riders walking to transit facilities.
  • To encourage mass transit users to walk to transit stations.
  • To facilitate the implementation of projects and activities that will improve safety in the vicinity of transit facilities (approximately one-half mile for pedestrian improvements).
Annually, NJDOT announces the availability of grant funds to counties and municipalities. Application for this program is made through the System for Administering Grants Electronically (SAGE). All applications are reviewed, evaluated and prioritized by the Safe Street to Transit Review Committee. A recommendation is made for final approval by the Commissioner of Transportation.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files which is available at our state Adobe Acrobat Access page.
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