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Required 2021 EEO Workforce Reporting

Prime contractors and their subcontractors are required to annually report on the make-up of their workforce by race, gender and job category for the last payroll period in the month of July, 2021. They must report on each and every covered contract or subcontract active during the month of July, 2021. The employment data entered should reflect the workforce on board during all or any part of the last payroll period preceding the end of July 2021.

All NJDOT prime contractors and all related subcontractors with subcontracts of $10,000 or more who worked on FHWA or Federally Funded construction contracts are required to identify all employees who performed work during all or part of the last payroll period in July, 2021, (i.e., Sunday, July 25, 2021, through Saturday, July 31, 2021) and complete a report. NJDOT prime contractors and subcontractors who did not work on a FHWA/Federally Funded contract during the month of July 2021 are not required to report.

Submissions of the FHWA PR-1391 as an excel file are due to with an email subject line indicating “July 1391 Workforce Reports for Project(s) DPxxx” no later than August 31, 2021.

Please see the following for additional information:

Notice to All NJDOT Construction Contractors - 2021 EEO Workforce Report – Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Form 1391

FHWA Form PR-1391

Last updated date: August 6, 2021 9:23 AM