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RELEASE: September 18, 2006

Governor Corzine unveils $74 million Pedestrian Safety Initiative


(Newark) - Governor Jon S. Corzine today announced the creation of a five-year, $74 million initiative to improve pedestrian safety throughout New Jersey. The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), the Department of Law and Public Safety and the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) will implement a three-pronged strategy (pdf 189 kb) to encourage motorists to safely share the road with pedestrians through engineering, education and enforcement.

“This initiative is designed to improve New Jersey’s driving culture and enhance pedestrian education so we can increase the safety of our streets,” said Governor Corzine. “Investing in engineering improvements, enforcing pedestrian safety laws, and changing the way we educate drivers will help ensure that our communities are a safe place to walk.”


The initiative addresses pedestrian awareness, driver behavior and roadway conditions that amplify accident risk. The fund will be used for intersection and sidewalk safety improvement projects, traffic mitigation measures, education and enforcement efforts and planning and technical guidance. This initiative is funded from existing money in the Transportation Trust Fund.


“New Jersey encourages pedestrian travel to help reduce congestion on our roadways and, therefore, it is imperative that we do all we can to ensure the safety of those pedestrians,” said NJDOT Commissioner Kris Kolluri. “Governor Corzine’s commitment to provide this landmark funding will allow us to do that.”


"Through the Divisions of Highway Traffic Safety and State Police, the Attorney General's Office is working to ensure the enforcement of our pedestrian safety laws and to educate the public on this critical issue," said Acting Attorney General Anne Milgram. "We are committed to Governor Corzine's initiative to improve hometown safety and we're working cooperatively with other state departments to provide funding for pedestrian safety initiatives."


“Education is a key component to any safety initiative,” said MVC Chief Administrator Sharon Harrington. “From the first time young men and women sit behind the wheel, they must be aware of all rules of the road. With expanded pedestrian safety information and enhanced testing, we will have better informed drivers who are well-prepared to safely operate a motor vehicle.”


The $74 million Pedestrian Safety Initiative includes:


  • Pedestrian Safety Corridor Program: This program will designate Pedestrian Safe Corridors based on motor vehicle/pedestrian accident history and rates. NJDOT will deploy Safety Impact Teams to recommend engineering improvements at designated sites. These areas will also be targeted for enhanced education and enforcement measures. Governor Corzine today named the stretch of roadway between the intersection of Market and Broad Street that continues onto Ferry and ends with the Ferry and Monroe intersection as a Pedestrian Safe Corridor.


  • Safe Routes to School Program: The initiative will provide $15 million to local governments for the creation of safer walkways, bikeways and street crossings near schools. The program also increases pedestrian safety awareness among motorists and school children.

  • Safe Streets to Transit Program: This $5 million program will provide mass transit riders safe pedestrian access to train and bus stations. NJDOT will identify risks based on crash history as well as develop and fund improvements.

  • Pedestrian Planning Improvements: NJDOT will incorporate pedestrian safety improvements when considering access permits for state highways and planning NJDOT roadway projects.

  • Enforcement of Pedestrian Safety Laws: The Attorney General will work with County Prosecutors to enhance prosecution of failure to yield laws. The Attorney General also will work with the Judiciary and the Administrative Office of the Courts to emphasize the importance of fully enforcing pedestrian safety laws.

  • Distribute Grants for Enforcement of Pedestrian Laws: Through the Division of Highway Traffic Safety, the Attorney General will issue $1.5 million in grants to state and local law enforcement to vigorously address the issue of pedestrian safety.

  • Establish Statewide Traffic Safety Taskforce: The Attorney General, through the New Jersey State Police and in collaboration with the NJDOT, has created the Safe Passages Taskforce. This Taskforce will undertake a number of innovative statewide initiatives aimed at improving traffic safety.

  • Develop Statewide Drivers Education Curriculum: MVC, the Attorney General’s Office, NJDOT, and the Department of Education are currently developing a driver’s education curriculum. The curriculum will focus on the rights and the responsibilities of a driver and laws protecting pedestrians who cross our roadways.

  • Incorporation of Pedestrian Safety Laws into MVC Tests: MVC will develop test criteria to evaluate drivers’ knowledge of the state’s pedestrian safety laws. MVC also will emphasize in its driver manual the responsibilities of both motorist and pedestrians.

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