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New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners
Public Disciplinary Notice
October 2003

The New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners (the "Board") has taken the following actions in October 2003. This information is a summary prepared by the Board Administrative Office staff. Requests for certified, true copies should be made in writing directed to William V. Roeder, Executive Director, P.O. Box 183, Trenton, New Jersey 08625.

To view a scanned version of the filed disciplinary order, click on the licensee's name.

MARKOWITZ, Howard, M.D. License MA049179
26 Brayton Street
Buffalo, New York 14213
Temple Med. Sch., PA, 1985
Nat'l Exam

CONSENT ORDER OF VOLUNTARY SURRENDER, WITH PREJUDICE filed October 8, 2003. This matter was first opened to the Board upon receipt of information that on or about July 31, 2002, Dr. Markowitz was the subject of a Determination and Order entered by the State of New York Department of Health, State Board of Professional Medical Conduct by which his license was indefinitely suspended until he produced the documents requested by the New York Board. He also was fined $5,000. Dr. Markowitz complied with the New York Order and effective November 4, 2002, the period of suspension was lifted. Thereafter, this Board entered an Order of Summary Suspension because Dr. Markowitz failed to submit his biennial renewal in 1993, which resulted in a lapsed license. Prior to seeking reinstatement of his New Jersey license, he was required to show cause why the application should not be denied based on the action taken by New York. On or about July 15, 2003, this Board issued a Provisional Order of Discipline based on licensure actions taken by the New York and Kentucky Boards. The Kentucky action was based on allegations that Dr. Markowitz had engaged in inappropriate verbal and physical contact with a patient and employee of his practice. The Kentucky action also included allegations that he had failed to notify that Board of the New York Action. On or about August 28, 2003, the Kentucky Board issued an Agreed Order of Suspension and Order of Probation. New York, in turn, issued a Commissioner's summary Order prohibiting Dr. Markowitz from practicing in New York based on the sister state action in Kentucky. These disciplinary actions provided a basis to take disciplinary action against his license in the State of New Jersey. Dr. Markowitz wished to resolve the matter without further proceedings in New Jersey. The parties agreed and it was ordered that Dr. Markowitz' license to practice medicine and surgery in the State of New Jersey be voluntarily surrendered, with prejudice, thereby precluding him from seeking reinstatement of his license in this State at any time in the future. EFFECTIVE DATE: OCTOBER 8, 2003.

MENDEZ, Edelfonso R., D.O. License MB066742
6507 Smith Avenue 1202 Cotswold Lane
N. Bergen, NJ 07407 Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
UMDNJ - Sch. of Osteo. Med., 1991
Nat'l Exam

INTERIM CONSENT ORDER filed October 29, 2003. This matter was before the Board based on information that a Criminal Complaint had been filed in the United States District Court on September 5, 2003. The Criminal Complaint alleged that Dr. Mendez knowingly and wilfully possessed a computer which contained at least three images of child pornography. As a condition of his bail, the Honorable Falk, United States Magistrate Judge, issued restrictions barring Dr. Mendez from being in the presence of any child under the age of eighteen (except for his own son) and further barring him from rendering any medical treatment to any patient under the age of eighteen unless he provides the services in the presence of a chaperone and provides a letter to the parent warning them of the pending criminal charges. The parties agreed and the Board ordered that Dr. Mendez shall have a chaperone present whenever he renders medical treatment to any patient pending the disposition of the criminal proceedings. The chaperone shall be retained at his own expense. The chaperone is required to initial the patient chart to indicate his/her presence. Nothing in the Order was considered an admission of liability, nor a restriction as to any future action that may be taken by the Attorney General. EFFECTIVE DATE: OCTOBER 28, 2003.

PLOTNIK, Peter (Pyotr), MD, License MA047092
276 Coleridge Street
Brooklyn, NY 11235-4123
Dnepropetrovsk Medical Institute, Russia, 6/23/69
FLEX Endorsement

CONSENT ORDER filed October 28, 2003. This matter was before the Board upon receipt of information that a Consent Order and Agreement was filed by the New York Board for Professional Misconduct in which Dr. Plotnik did not contest the allegations of three of the thirty-three specifications of professional misconduct. He did not contest the allegation that he had engaged in negligence on more than one occasion by failing to maintain medical records which accurately reflected his evaluation and treatment of his patients. The New York Order permanently limited him from engaging in any and all clinical practice and precluded him from treating, examining, diagnosing, evaluating, prescribing for or operating upon any person. Based on the New York action, the Board filed a Provisional Order of Discipline on or about March 25, 2002. Dr. Plotnik wished to resolve the matter without further proceedings. The Board ordered that Dr. Plotnik must submit to a focused evaluation of his practice, by an organization approved by the Board, to determine his medical capabilities and judgments. Dr. Plotnik authorized the Board to provide the evaluating organization with any information which it possesses for use in the evaluating process and authority for the Board to receive any evaluations. Dr. Plotnik agreed to adhere to all recommendations by the evaluating organization. He will appear before a Committee of the Board to demonstrate full satisfaction of the Board's Order, including completion of all recommendations made by the evaluating organization prior to resuming practice in the State of New Jersey. EFFECTIVE DATE: MAY 15, 2003.

ROBBINS, Richard G., M.D. License MA056404
Short Hills Oph.
551 Milburn Avenue
Short Hills, New Jersey 07078
Tulane University School of Medicine, 1988

CONSENT ORDER OF PERMANENT SURRENDER OF LICENSURE TO BE DEEMED A REVOCATION filed October 14, 2003. Richard Robbins, M.D. was granted leave to surrender, without prejudice, his license to practice medicine and surgery in the State of New Jersey, on or about April 30, 2003, pending the final resolution of the nine counts of Criminal Sexual Contact in the 4th degree in Essex County. It appearing that Dr. Robbins wished to resolve the matter before the Board without further proceedings and wished to surrender his license. The Board granted him his request and ordered that his license to practice medicine and surgery in the State of New Jersey be permanently surrendered. The surrender was deemed a revocation. EFFECTIVE DATE: OCTOBER 8, 2003.

SHAFER, Nathaniel, M.D., License MA043273
10 East 85th Street
New York, NY 10028-0412 SS#124-24-7381
New York University, 1954
National Board Endorsement

FINAL ORDER OF REPRIMAND filed October 27, 2003: This matter was originally opened to the Board upon receipt of information that Dr. Shafer entered an Order with the New York Board after he was found guilty of knowingly, and with the intent to deceive a medical benefits' carrier, submitted a false bill for Patient A, false billing for follow-up hospital visits which did not happen, unprofessional conduct in failing to maintain accurate records. As a result, he was fined. Further, he failed to indicate the NY action on his NJ renewal application for July 1997 through June 1999. A Provisional Order of Discipline was filed December 13, 2001. Dr. Shafer submitted a response in mitigation requesting that he be permitted to surrender his license in New Jersey without the imposition of any sanctions against him. In the alternative, he requested that the Board not impose any penalty beyond the New York action. The submissions were reviewed by the Board and the Board determining that further proceedings were not necessary ordered that he be reprimanded for his conduct and that he shall serve a one year of period of probation. He was assessed a penalty in the amount of $5,000. Prior to resuming practice in the State of New Jersey, he must appear before a Committee of the Board to provide proof that he has successfully completed an ethics course and to demonstrative his fitness to resume practice in this State. This Order vacated the Final Order of Discipline entered on November 25, 2003. EFFECTIVE DATE: OCTOBER 27, 2003.

TUCKER, Karen Elizabeth, DPM License MD002449
1 Erynwood Avenue
Marlton, NJ 08053
New York College of Podiatric Medicine,

CONSENT ORDER OF REINSTATEMENT OF LICENSE WITH CONDITIONS filed October 10, 2003. Matter opened to Board by way of receipt of a request for reinstatement of license. Dr. Tucker's license was suspended for 3 years retroactive to 3/5/99, the date of her guilty plea to one count of health care fraud. She was sentenced to 3 years of probation, and ordered to make restitution in the amount of $26,402.07 to the Department of Human Services. She was also ordered to participate in the home Confinement Program for a period of 120 consecutive days. The Board's Order provided that prior to any active practice in NJ, Dr. Tucker was required to appear before a Committee of the Board to demonstrate competency to practice podiatry. The Board reserved the right to place restrictions on her license upon reinstatement. Dr. Tucker, having appeared before a Committee of the Board on 4/2/03, having had a lapse in active practice, having successfully completed her probation ordered from the Northern District of Texas and for other good cause shown, the Board ordered her license reinstated subject to the following terms and conditions: A) Dr. Tucker will be supervised and observed for 6 full-time working months of practice or the equivalent thereof, by John Franceschini, D.P.M., at Dr. Tucker's expense; B) Dr. Franceschini's supervision of Dr. Tucker will consist of a minimum of meeting once a week at Dr. Franceschini@s office in Lawrenceville, NJ where he will review Dr. Tucker's new cases and randomly review older cases. In addition, Dr. Franceschini will at his discretion perform random "spot checks" at Dr. Tucker's office to observe her practice podiatry and/or review her patient files. C) Dr. Franceschini will submit a monthly written report regarding Dr. Tucker's progress to the Medical Director of the Board; D) Dr. Franceschini will immediately notify the Board if he becomes aware of any improprieties and/or deviations in Dr. Tucker's standard of care in practicing podiatry. EFFECTIVE: October 10, 2003.

YOUSSEF, Safwat A., M.D. License MA041047
421 Old Bridge Tpk. 25 Sunrise Terrace
East Brunswick, NJ 08816 Staten Island, NY 10304
Cairo Univer., 1966

CONSENT ORDER OF VOLUNTARY SURRENDER TO BE DEEMED A REVOCATION filed October 29, 2003. This matter was before the Board upon receipt of information that his license to practice medicine and surgery in the State of New York was revoked by a New York Order dated June 12, 2002. Dr. Youssef requested a review of this determination. Upon further considering the matter, further proceedings took place in New York. An amended decision and order was issued and Dr. Youssef's license to practice in New York was revoked effective December 18, 2002. Dr. Youssef has appealed that decision and denies any conduct alleged in the New York proceedings. Based on the New York action, a Provisional Order of Discipline was filed. While Dr. Youssef continues to deny any conduct alleged by the New York Board, he wanted to resolve the Provisional Order without further proceedings. The parties agreed and the Board ordered that Dr. Youssef's license to practice medicine and surgery in the State of New Jersey be voluntarily surrendered. The voluntary surrender is deemed a revocation without prejudice. Upon showing that he has been restored in New York and in all other jurisdictions in which he maintains a license, he may petition the Board for reinstatement of his New Jersey license. EFFECTIVE DATE: OCTOBER 29, 2003.


William V. Roeder
Executive Director

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