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Keeping Our Kids Safe, Healthy & In School

Other Educational Services

The NJDOE recognizes that all students may not flourish in the same learning environment and some students require additional supports to maximize their achievement.  External forces like socio-economics, health, home and the community environments can influence how a student learns, what a student learns and what supports he/she needs to ensure success in school.  Students that are at risk of school failure often require supports that go beyond that of the “traditional” classroom environment.  Alternative education programs provide such students with educational options to meet their unique learning needs by offering support mechanisms including, but not limited to: case management; flexible scheduling; modified instruction; personalized learning; and comprehensive support services to address their health, social and emotional development and behavior.  Students whose health condition or behavior prevents them from participating in the “traditional” school setting on a short-term basis are eligible to receive educational programs or services at home or other out-of-school setting.
The NJDOE also recognizes that all school-age students do not participate in the public education system and may be provided with equivalent instruction elsewhere than at school.  While the NJDOE does not regulate or provide oversight of these categories of students, there is useful information available to assist the public in the areas of nonpublic school and homeschooling. 

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